Who is this screenwriter, and what does she write about?

Hi, I’m Marjolein (Mar-yo-line), also known as Mack. I am a screenwriter, blogger for Stage 32, thrifter, and a genie to cat Dobby. Just writing that makes my eight-year-old self go WOOHOO before looking around calmly to see if no one has seen her. I have loved to act, playback, and write raps and poems since I was a kid, but during my time at my Hogwarts, The Amsterdam Theatre Academy, I found out that I wanted to earn a living doing things I loved.

Next to living my best life writing, I am currently teaching my new buddy Dobby (A rescue street cat from Cyprus) that this six-foot-one giant is a friend and that it is his job to stop me from getting square eyes by whining for snacks and walking over my keyboard.

What does screenwriter Mack like to “cook up”?

When Dobby lets me write, I make sure to add humor, cockiness, and an underdog winning to my scripts because those are the things I like to see in movies. Another thing I can’t help doing is giving my protagonists their happily ever after before the fade out.

Quirk: I tend to have favorite words in every language I learn to speak. My favorite American word at the moment is wackadoodle, one I learned from the sweetest bully ever, Zack Ward.

Unique trait: Talks to plants.

Which three movies can I gobble up over and over again?

Right now:
Sicario, Pride & Prejudice, and the Millennium Trilogy.

Yeah, yeah, I know the Millennium Trilogy consists of three movies.  So, actually, I’ve got five movies here. Well, that is just good manners, isn’t it? It is not nice to leave “food” on the plate, especially when it is that delicious and part of a three-course extravaganza. I have left out the Sicario sequel, so come on give me a break. 🙂

Why does it matter what you like?

Well, the food you like to eat is the food you are most likely to cook, right? So I thought, why not share some of my favorite “meals”? Basically, I like good stories. I will eat anything that is well prepared, with the exception of horror. That is not my cup of tea yet. Who knows, it could turn out to be my acquired taste. Maybe after a few more years, I will try a nibble and think: “Why did I think this was not for me?”. It is delicious!

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