What does this screenwriter like to “cook up”?

~For starters~

Let’s say you want a salad. Well you will have to go through some gravel, go: “EEK!” because you found a snail and get over your neighbors disgusting lip smacking before you get to enjoy the succulent leaves covered in innovative dressing. Because it will taste better after getting past all of that.

~The main course~

A sumptuous piece of  “everything is hunky dory” pretend meat is served. The pretend meat is the dicovery of the century. The thing that, people say, will end global warming and save the planet. But! It is served with a twist of faith side dish. A waiter whispers to the eating protagonist cop that the chef is dead. Our cop has to answer the call of duty. Which pisses his girlfriend off who is tired of the job always coming first. She yells “IT’S OVER!” and storms off. Our cop comes into the kitchen to find a purple chef with yellow eyes and froth bubbles around of his mouth. “The last thing he tasted was the salad dressing this afternoon” says the waiter. The cop is horrofied. The meal has gone from hunky dory to holy shit. The clock starts..Let the fun begin…

~For dessert~

My screenwriting “meals” mostly end up with me serving up a warm “happily ever after” dessert. But sometimes I leave it open. You know, throw some loose ingredients on a plate and let the dinner guest make up the dessert by himself.

~The special~

Is definitely “Underdogs”. I might take a “pigs snout”. You know, some character that is frowned upon by other characters, given a hard time or misunderstood in some way and then have them come out on top…of a bed of sautéed vegetables, glistening with a savory, tasty sauce and making the antagonists “eat it”.

Which three movies can I gobble up, over and over again?

Right now:
Sicario, Pride & Prejudice and the Millennium Trilogy.

Yes I know the Millennium Trilogy consists of three movies.  So actually I’ve got five movies here. Well it is just good manners isn’t it. It is not nice to leave “food”on the plate. Especially when it is that delicious and part of a three course extravaganza.

Why is that relevant?

Well the food you like to eat is the food you are most likely to cook, right? So I thought why not share some of my favorite “meals”. Basically I like good stories. I will eat anything that is well prepared, with the exception of horror. That is not my cup of tea, yet. Who knows, it could turn out to be my acquired taste. Maybe after a few more years I will try a nibble and think: “Why did I think this was not for me?”. It is delicious!

My screenwriting “cuisine” type is: 

What does a script of mine boil down to? Pun intended. Well, my plated up dishes might look al fancy but the ingredients spell: Comfort food, for sure. I want you to leave the cinema with a pleasant aftertaste, a warmer heart and a bit happier.

Where can you have a taste of my “cooking”?

You can find some of my screenplays on : www.scriptrevolution.com
You can find my blogs here or on www.stage32.com

Bon appétit.