Hi I’m Mack,

I am a screenwriter from Den Haag, Holland. Well actually my real name is Marjolein but that is a difficult name to remember, or to pronounce, for almost all people outside of Holland. So I’m sticking with Mack.

How dit it start?

Growing up I was always writing in diaries, making poems and performing in school plays every chance I got. So when I got into the Amsterdam theater Academy I was in heaven. This private school taught classes, the government run schools were not offering. It was hard work but boy was it fun! We were clowning, tap dancing, writing, singing and learning to create a complete theater show by our selves. Next to all kinds of other exciting things. Through these five years, I had learned that physical comedy, improvisation, singing and writing were my things.

Into the second act..

But I had also learned what things were not for me. Going out on the road solo was one of them. Through working closely with people, while making shows, I had learned another hard truth. If your type of mindset doesn’t match up with the others, creating a show can become very hard and even cost you great friendships. After getting my degree I continued my work as a sales person because the mortgage on my house had to be paid and acting jobs were not easily available. However I realy missed being creative.

Then a plot twist..

I Googled Tarantino, after watching Kill Bill one day, and learned that he had a list of certain things he liked to put in his movies. Like bare feet, trunk shots, links to Holland, katanas etc. I dared myself to write a screenplay that had all of “his things” in it. A year later I entered my firstborn The Dutch Lion into a contest. It got nowhere of course because it was a first try. But I had caught the screenwriting bug. I started reading books , started networking and scoured the net for every bit of information I could learn from. 

How does it end?

Now five years later me and the bug are still madly in love. My scripts always have humour and spunk in them. These qualities are embedded into my DNA and automatically find their way into my work. I tend to like writing about the underdogs coming out on top. Oh and I am a sucker for happy endings. This year me and the bug are going to the Great American Pitch Fest to pitch our butts off and meet other bug lovers How does it end? It won’t. Because I will never stop writing.

Which three movies would I take to a dessert island?

Sicario, Pride & Prejudice and the Millennium Trilogy.

Yes I know the Millennium Trilogy consists of three movies, so actually I’ve got five movies here. Well you can’t just take the first movie and leave the other two can you? But any way, I hope this question never becomes a real thing for me because choosing three kids when you love them all is just impossible.

See you on my Social Media accounts, in my email inbox or at a cinema near you! 

Greetings Mack.