How studying your writing can help you manifest better

How studying your writing can help you manifest better


Have you ever felt stuck? Or wondered why you can’t progress in certain areas of your life? Why things you want desperately elude you? The answers to these questions might be hidden in your writing.


Manifesting is all about sending out and receiving. But…as I have, you might have wondered why somethings aren’t coming to you. Things you want so dearly.

How You Affirm Matterns

One reason forit not working, might be down to how you are transmitting. If you send out: I WANT this to happen. Well, then you stay wanting. Because that is what you’ve asked for.

If you transmit: I HAVE this, or: I AM this, it works because you are stating it is already a reality and so the universe starts to draw it to you.

Of course, taking action onthe matter is also an important factor.

Still No Results 

But, if you are affirming this way, then why is it not working? Yes, now we’re getting to the point I am trying to make. It is because you are not just transmitting and creating consciously you are also transmitting and creating unconsciously.

Transmitting Unconsciously 

Now, what the bloody helldoes that mean? Well, years ago you were born a free spirit. A gorgeous, unique, and perfect child. You cried with full force when you wanted something or weren’t happy. Oblivious to what others thought or felt about it. And when you smiled or laughed you lit up a room so bright that everyone got lit up with joy too.

Then, as you grew up, your parents, family, teachers, bullies, friends,lovers, your community, society, and so on, started installing all types of rules and programs “in” you. Most of them you are aware of. For instance, don’t throw sand at other kids in the sandbox, that is not nice. Or standing up for the elderly in public transport is a decent thing to do.

Bugs in the System

But, there are also programs running in you that you are not aware of.  And these buggers might be holding you back. Did everyone support you as you made choices growing up? Or were you ridiculed and not taken seriously?

Did your parents tell you that they loved you? Did they hug you? Or did you have to “earn” it unknowingly by doing chores perhaps? Just to get a “well done”? I can’t give you examples that are going to fityour life because I am not you.But your childhood is where you’ll find the bugs.

How to Find Your Bugs

Think about you as a baby. A tiny, super cute, perfect you. See it growing up in your mind’s eye. What were things that were said to it a lot? What things made it cry? What things changed their outlook on life and theeir personality? It is very important to find these things.

Because if you did chores a a child just to get kindness. It means that the program “you have to earn things” was installed. Now that is a major bug in your system.

Why? Because if you unconsciously believe that you have to earn things. You believe that you are not worthy as you are. And if you are trying to affirm something when you’re unconsciously believeing that you aren’t worthy, guess what? It is not going to happen or only so so.

Your Ghostwriter Can Help

If you have trouble finding your bugs in this way. Then it can help to look at your writing. Your unconcious might be secretly ghostwriting along with you. Leaving you clues.

Are you a plot-driven writer or a character-driven writer? If you are a plot-driven writer it canpoint to having problems with emotions. You see, a character-driven writer has to deep dive into a character’s feelings concerning situations. A character goes through the dark night of the soul in a script. That is some major deep doo doo. Does this put you off? Why?

Perhaps if you look closely you’ll find that there is an invisible wall around you? One that was built one block, per situation, at a time. If so, you are now very very safe but blocked off from connecting with your emotions and others. Being blocked off does not helpyour manifesting.

What about your main characters? Do they always have a similar trait? Then maybe it is something you have as well. Are there recurring situations in your scripts? Then take a closer look at them.Because things that make comebacks in your writing might be bothering you unconsciously.

How to Get Rid of Your Bugs

If you are a writer then you have a great talent for imagining things. And this comes in very handy now. Get comfortable and imagine yourself as a child. Go to situations that were painful for you and meet the child as the adult you are now.

Explain why adults sometimes do things because they don’t know any better.Comfort it, tell it it is not alone, hug it, make it laugh and do anything and everything it needs to feel better. Tell your child self you will always be there for it because you are one. Tell it you will never leave it. Healing your past will help you to manifest better in the present and create a better future.


Cheking in with your inner child will also helyou to recognize triggers in your life. If something angers or upsets you in your current life then you can bet it stems from something that happened before. Most likely form your childhood. Recognizing triggers is important. It lets you know that it is notthe person or situation you’re dealing with in the present that is the problem for you, but what it reminds you of from the past. If you recognize a trigger to a potentially expplosive situation well, then you can diffuse it and grow without blockages.

I wish you very good luck on all your adventures. Big Mack and little Mack are rooting for you.



















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