Books and journal products for sale! Books and journal products for sale!

Here are some of the pretty paper products I’ve created.

Children’s book

First up is a book for kids about what intuition is and how to use it. Nevertheless, grown-ups can read it, too. I am a big kid who has decided never to grow up fully, so feel free. Don’t you wish you had had this book when you were little? Hell, yes, I would have. The opinions of everyone in the outside world would not have been more important than what I felt I should do from inside of me.

The Movie Lovers journal

The journal is for the real movie lovers. Every day you write in it, you are writing your biopic. It was a bit expensive because I wanted the colorful illustrations on each page to be in color. But I mean, who doesn’t like a bit of color to brighten up the day? Creating it was an absolute blast, and the challenge of finding movie-inspired illustrations and checking movie quotes has been so fun.

Subsequently, I found out that a lot of quotes online are not said that way in the movies. If you buy it and see a quote that you thought was different, look it up in the movie and be amazed. Undoubtedly it is just like the misheard lyrics of songs. We all grew up singing a song one way to find out that isn’t at all right. I hope you like them. greetz Mack

The Intuition Club is a fun children’s book about how intuition and manifesting work to help Happy, who is lost in the woods, find her way home.
I’m the screenwriter of my movie is a  journal for everyone who loves movies. Every page has lines, a colorful clapperboard for the date, a different movie quote, and a colorful illustration of something that can be found in that movie. Can you remember where you’ve seen it in the film? The journal doubles as a fun movie checklist. Have you seen all two hundred of them?

















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